22" Beautiful Simulation Baby Girl Reborn Baby Doll in Bear Dress

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Are you attracted by this 22" Beautiful Simulation Baby Girl Reborn Baby Doll in Bear Dress? It comes with a pacifier and a nursing bottle. As to this toy, it is in extraordinary uncanny workmanship with simulation baby look, based on safe and non-toxic silicone material. This baby toy is ultra soft and flexible to sit down or lay down. It can hardly stand or speak. Long eyelashes and bowknot hair comb make this baby toy extremely handsome. It will surely be your favorite. This baby toy is an ideal choice being as a present for others!

1. Come with a pacifier and a nursing bottle for helping baby toy with sweet sleep
2. High-end acrylic eyes, long eyelashes, charming and cool
3. Soft, durable and safe silicone material as well as fine workmanship
4. Simulation baby look, a cute toy for friends or families
5. It can sit down, lay down, but can't entering the water, speak and stand

1. Material: Silicone Vinyl & Cotton Body
2. Size: 22 inch
3. Gender: Baby Girl
4. Weight: 42.33 oz / 1200 g

Package Includes:
1 x Reborn Baby Doll
1 x Toy Bottle
1 x Pacifier


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