Air Fryer Toaster Oven - 5-In-1 Convection Oven with Air Fry, Roast, Toast, Broil & Bake Function - Air Fry Toaster Oven for Countertop - Kitchen Appliances for Cooking Chicken, Steak & Pizza

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LARGE CAPACITY CONVECTION OVEN Inner Tank Size: 19 QT - 11.4 (Width) * 10.2 (Depth) * 9.8 (Height) inches.With the WEESTA Air Fry Oven you can also get:1*Oven Rack,1*Baking Pan,1*Air Fryer Basket,1*Oven Gripperand 1*Crumb Tray (pre-installed).

What A Time Saver! - Your dinner will be ready 50% faster than using the conventional oven without heating up the whole kitchen.No Flipping.

No Preheating - WEESTA Air fryer toaster oven applies Cubic Hot Wind Circulation Technology. You don't need to flip your food or toss the air fry basket in the middle of cooking.


WEESTA 5-IN-1 Air Fryer OvenAir Frying,Air Roasting,Toasting,Broiling and Baking.WEESTA 5-IN-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven satisfy all your needs which is able to cook: a 6 lbs. whole chicken, a 9-inch pizza, 1 lb. frozen fries, 2 lbs. chicken wings, 4 slices of bread,roast vegetables, dehydrate jerky and fruit & more.

Let's Fry Away!


The crumb tray is pre-installed in the drawer-like part at the bottom of the oven. We fixed it with some pieces of tapes to avoid accidental falling or damage during transportation. After receiving the oven, please slightly lift up the front side of the oven to remove the tapes and take out the crumb tray!

- Before leaving the factory, all the heating elements were coated with protective oil to prevent oxidation during transportation and storage, which may seriouly affect oven's working performance. Before the first use, please take out all the accessories first, then turn the oven to the highest temperature and keep it working for at least 10 to 15 minutes to evaporate and remove the protective oil.

-Our instructions and recipes are still being continuously optimized and update. The latest instructions and recipes will be sent to your email within 2-3 days after you place the order. They are also can be downloaded on the product details page: the user Guide are our instructions, and the User Manual is our recipes. If you can not download them, please tell us. We have been dedicated and dedicated, hoping to bring you satisfactory service.

Spin & Go! - Simple to Use

What is the most important thing in the kitchen?

Simple & Quick.

Unlike electronically controlled air fryer, we stick to the classic mechanical control system. You no longer need to repeatedly press those insensitive electronic buttons on the control panel when adjusting the time and temperature, nor to flip the food or toss the air fry basket in the middle of cooking.

Better Way to Enjoy Our Meals!

Can't resist the temptation of deep fried food but concern about health problems?

Don't worry, WEESTA's here!

With our "Cubic Hot Wind Circulation Technology", WEESTA air fryer toaster oven is able to make your food's texture and taste just like deep fried but with 85% less oil. Yummy, but no guilty!

Multifunctional - ALL in One



Air Fry: 4 upper heating elements and the fan are functional

Air Roast: 2 upper heating elements and the fan are functional

Toast: 2 upper heating elements and 2 lower heating elements are functional

Broil: 4 upper heating elements are functional

Bake: 2 lower heating elements are functional

Size: 15.1 (Width) * 14.3 (Depth) * 14.1 (Height) inches

Inner Tank Size: 11.4 (Width) *10.2 (Depth) *9.8 (Height) inches

Temperature Range: Room Temperature to 450°F

Timer Range: 0 to 60 minutes

Temperature Control: Mechanical Dial

Volume: 19QT

Power: 1300W

Accessories Included: 1*Oven Rack, 1*Baking Pan, 1*Air Fryer Basket, 1*Oven Gripper, 1*Crumb Tray (pre-installed)

19QT Family Size Capacity

With the 3-layers 19QT capacity inner tank, WEESTA air fryer toaster oven can cook the food for all your familyDouble Glass Door

The double glass door can lock the heat inside the oven and keep the temperature of the inner tank more stable.

Pre-installed Crumb Tray

The crumb tray is pre-installed in the drawer-like part under the oven and fixed by tapes to prevent accidental falling and damage during transportation.