Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter with Deli Slicer,Kitchen Food Set For Toddlers And Kids Ages 3+

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Main Color:Blue

Age Capacity:3 to 4 Years

Main Material:Solid Wood+MDF



Product Features:

Our wooden slice and stack sandwich counter inspires children's imagination and creativity, allowing them to play chef, customer, and deli owner.

With realistic slicing and stacking action, kids develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, counting and sorting abilities while having hands-on play.

Our playsets are made from durable MDF, plastic and felt materials to withstand hours of playtime and ensure long-lasting fun.

The interactive slicer allows children to slice meat and cheese slices, enhancing their sensory experience. Rotating drink machines and menu boards add authenticity and excitement.

Designed to provide a break from screens, our Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter offers a screen-free alternative that encourages creative thinking, social interaction, and open-ended play.